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Crash claims against large trucks

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2021 | Personal Injury

Any personal injury that wasn’t your fault is a serious case. Keep in mind that what’s expected from a common vehicle collision is multiplied when large, 18 wheelers collide on Florida roadways. Even some of the legal steps are taken differently. It’s not just the actual weight and dimension of a freight vehicle that differs from a basic car. Since trucking companies are in the business of driving, expect them to be legally prepared.

The investigation

Developing a case for or against a personal injury takes time. If the injury was yours, building a case against a professional trucker calls for experience. Though they’re more extensive than common cases, there are some expected norms in court proceedings involving large trucks. Lawyers will motion for more time as they collect evidence, witnesses or a scientific basis for the injury.

The injuries

Only after those who sustain a personal injury have healed do vehicle injuries get legally assessed. This can take time. Whether being represented as victims or witnesses, those who sustain an injury have to understand the full extent of theirs. Recovery time is imperative if a potential plaintiff went unconscious and can’t yet speak.

Dealing with insurance

Negotiation is what insurance agencies do if a court allows them to. If you sustained a personal injury, the trucking company’s insurer will work to rebuttal your claims. Even when your injuries seem straightforward, the trucker’s insurer has to assess the case for their liability. Your insurer has to do likewise. Finding the right agreement or settlement could take an indefinite amount of time.

Personal injuries in Florida

Your personal injury in Florida may lead to disabilities. Even when the fault is not yours, you must prepare a strong case. Large trucks impact driving conditions by slowing traffic and entering hazards onto the roads. If you’ve never crashed with a freight truck before, the liability of the trucks you pass by will go by unnoticed. Once company trucks are at fault, however, they’re held accountable to a large responsibility.