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Do NOT do these things after a crash

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2021 | Personal Injury

Motorists in Florida and around the country often make poor decisions in the moments after a car accident. One such error that can cast a particularly long shadow is fleeing the scene. Police departments scrutinize footage from surveillance and cellphone cameras when they hunt for hit-and-run drivers, which means that motorists who attempt to escape the consequences of their actions rarely remain at liberty for long. Fleeing the scene of an accident often leads to criminal charges, and it could also sway a civil jury if the hit-and-run driver is sued.

Photographs and admissions

Police reports are usually the most important pieces of information in motor vehicle accident lawsuits, but they do not always tell the whole story. Photographs taken in the moments following a crash can make the events described in law enforcement reports seem real to a jury, but many accident victims do not think to take them. Another common mistake drivers make is admitting that the accident was their fault or telling the other motorist that there was nothing they could have done.

Failing to ask for medical attention

A traffic accident mistake that can have particularly dire consequences is not seeking help from paramedics at the scene. Neck and back injuries like whiplash can be extremely serious, but they do not always present symptoms right away. If the accident is not serious and ambulances are not dispatched to the scene, motorists should visit an emergency room to be evaluated even if they seem to have escaped the crash unhurt. Soft-tissue injuries can respond well to treatment if they are detected early, but they may become debilitating if they go undiagnosed.

Accidents are inevitable

Just about every driver is involved in an accident sooner or later, and the decisions they make in the aftermath can greatly influence their chances of prevailing should they decide to take legal action. In addition to taking photographs of the crash scene, accident victims should gather the names of any eyewitnesses and look for nearby cameras that could have recorded the events as they unfolded.