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What injuries can you expect in an accident?

No one wants to think about the possibility that the next time they get into the car, they will be involved in an accident. Nevertheless, accidents occur all too frequently, and they are almost always preventable. Someone's careless decision or moment of distraction can mean days or weeks of pain and suffering for you. It may even leave you grieving over the loss of a loved one.

You can never really prepare for the aftermath of a collision. The kinds of injuries accident victims suffer vary depending on so many factors. Nevertheless, emergency responders and medical teams know what to expect when responding to an accident.

Enhanced penalties for drug crimes near parks, schools

Like many other states, Florida has special laws for those accused of selling controlled substances around certain places. For instance, a person accused of certain drug crimes near a school, a public park, public housing, child care facilities, or certain other community facilities where children and families are likely to congregate will face enhanced penalties if convicted.

In fact, in some cases, there is a mandatory three-year minimum jail term. There are also minimum fines and minimum community service requirements that may apply. Judges usually have some discretion when dealing out penalties, but mandatory minimums such as these can make it harder for courts to exercise that discretion in cases where they might otherwise give a defendant a lighter sentence.

Are you facing legal issues due to methamphetamine addiction?

Most people do not choose to become addicted to a substance. They may not fully consider the possible consequences of their actions when trying a substance, or they could think that no harm will come from trying something once. Unfortunately, negative repercussions, addiction among them, commonly plague people who try illegal drugs.

You may have tried methamphetamine without really planning on it. You could have smoked it or taken it as a pill from a friend who did not tell you what it really was, or you may have been feeling spontaneous in the moment and felt peer pressure to use because others were using it. Now, you feel as if your life is out of control.

Police task force effort nets 120 arrests

Local police, in coordination with the U.S. Marshals and other law enforcement agencies, recently announced that they arrested 120 people in the greater Fort Myers area and other communities in Lee County over the course of two months. Charges are still pending against most of those who have been arrested.

The charges covered a gamut of alleged wrongdoing. Many of those arrested now face accusations of drug crimes and weapons charges. Those who conducted this investigation believe that many of those arrested also have ties to gang activity.

Truck accidents are too common in Florida

Recent fatal accidents along some of Florida's busiest highways have reminded drivers of the dangers of sharing the roads with tractor-trailers and other large commercial vehicles. Highways allow drivers, including truckers, to travel at dangerous speeds, and the increased congestion during the vacation season can quickly add up to a recipe for disaster.

Among all 50 states, Florida has one of the highest rates of fatal crashes involving large trucks, well above the national average. If you routinely drive on highways with big rigs, you already know how treacherous a daily commute can be. Knowing the most common causes of accidents involving these giant vehicles may allow you to build a case for compensation if you suffer injuries in an accident.

New hemp law changes how marijuana crimes are prosecuted

As many residents of Fort Meyers probably know, the recreational use of marijuana remains illegal in this state. However, a new law that has legalized the possession and use of hemp products is making marijuana crimes tougher to prosecute. Some prosecutors have even declined to take on new possession of marijuana cases. Legalized hemp presents a problem because, like marijuana, it is a product of a plant called cannabis, although hemp is a different species than the marijuana plant.

A raw hemp plant smells the same as a marijuana plant and will even test positive as cannabis when officers conduct field testing. The police reportedly do not have a clear means of distinguishing between legal hemp and marijuana, at least to the point of proving a case beyond a reasonable doubt.

Prescription fraud charges can compound legal troubles

Not every drug crime directly involves the possession, sale, or delivery of controlled substances or other drugs. For example, as part of law enforcement's response to the ongoing prescription drug crisis, investigators and prosecutors are paying special attention to what they see as abuses of our pharmacy system.

In order to obtain controlled substances from a pharmacy, a Fort Myers resident needs a valid prescription signed by someone authorized to prescribe medicine. It may come as no surprise that, in some cases, people may be accused of filling out a blank prescription themselves or having a friend help them do so. Other people may be accused of using different schemes to try to obtain prescription medicine from a pharmacy, such as changing the number of pills or refills on the prescription or altering other information.

Are you accused of drug crimes involving fentanyl?

Many people's lives take them in directions they never expected. Unfortunately, for some, that direction is a negative one that results in them facing serious criminal charges. In particular, you may have found yourself caught up in drug-related activity, and thinking back, you may not have known how you landed in such a situation.

Now, you face a legal predicament due to having drug charges brought against you. The exact allegations may relate to dealing in substances that contained fentanyl. Because fentanyl has resulted in numerous overdoses in recent years, authorities may look at your case particularly harshly. However, you may not have known that the substance even contained fentanyl.

Facing a burglary charge? These are the possible penalties

When facing criminal charges in the state of Florida, the penalties associated with a conviction can be significant. If convicted on a burglary charge, for example, the associated consequences include years behind bars and hefty fines. Such penalties can have a number of adverse effects on your life now and in the future.

Most people believe that once prosecutors charge them with a criminal offense, a conviction is sure to follow. This simply is not true. A charge is the result of an accusation. In order for prosecuting attorneys to achieve the outcome they are looking for, they have to prove, without a doubt that you did what you stand accused of. This is not always easy for them to do.

Misdemeanor offenses should not be taken lightly

Many people in Fort Meyers may know almost intuitively that if they are charged with a felony offense, they really should seek the advice of an experienced criminal defense attorney. After all, the possibility of going to jail is a scary prospect. Moreover, a felony record can make it nearly impossible to find a job, and, in some cases, may even leave a person without the ability to work in their chosen profession.

However, those in South Florida who face a misdemeanor offense should not take such charges lightly, either. This is true even if it is the first time a person has found themselves in trouble with the law and even if they are not facing jail time.


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