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Get convicted of drug possession, lose your license

A drug possession conviction can cost a person many things here in Florida. This includes, for a time, their driver’s license.

This is due to a provision of state law. Under this provision, convictions of adults for certain drug crimes (including controlled substance possession) trigger a requirement for the court to direct the state's Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to revoke a person’s license.

Do you fully understand Florida marijuana laws?

You may be one of many people in Florida and throughout the nation who are glad that some states have decriminalized use of marijuana. Perhaps you or a loved one suffer from a seizure disorder or some other condition for which cannabis oils are used to help alleviate pain or lessen symptoms. Then again, you might merely be among those who believe that everyone should be able to use pot for recreation.

The problem is that the federal government still lists it as a crime to possess or use marijuana in any situation or in any form. While many states have their own laws, if a situation arises where federal law enforcement becomes involved, it's crucial to remember that federal law always takes precedence over state law. This state has adapted its laws to allow highly restricted use of marijuana in certain circumstances; however, you'll want to seek clarification of those laws to avoid legal problems down the line.  

A DUI conviction may cost you more than fines and jail time

After being pulled over on suspicion of DUI, you may find yourself facing charges. You may consider pleading guilty, paying your fines and finding a way to deal with the fact that you lost your driver's license for a while. You may even spend a few nights in jail just to make the situation go away.

This may work for you in the short term but may not over the long run. One of the consequences you may not have foreseen is that a conviction could limit your job prospects now and in the future. Even if you don't drive for a living or as part of your work duties, a DUI conviction could affect your current employment or any future job prospects.


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