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Can you recognize rib injuries when they happen?

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2022 | Personal Injury

A major challenge in personal injury cases is invisible injuries, including injuries to the ribs and surrounding soft tissue. These injuries often have lasting effects. After an impact injury of any kind, you should watch for signs of rib injuries.

Understand the basics of rib injury types and symptoms to seek help right away.

What types of rib injuries are there?

Rib injuries occur in several different forms. Soft tissue injuries are the most common. Bruising to the soft tissue around your ribs can happen in many types of accidents, including a fall or car accident. Fractures are not quite as common but are more concerning. A fractured rib often causes visible bruising and pain but requires an x-ray for adequate diagnosis. When you have three or more broken ribs with breaks in multiple places, that is a flail injury.

What are the signs of rib injuries?

If you do not seek medical attention right away after an accident, you may not even know that you injured your ribs. Sometimes symptoms only become apparent after a few days. Visible bruising, difficulty breathing and general pain or discomfort are early indications of rib injuries. Sometimes pain radiates to your back, making it hard to identify the source. Any midsection discomfort after an accident needs medical attention right away. Difficulty breathing or severe pain when breathing is particularly concerning.

Rib injuries can cause severe health risks, especially with severe breaks that may puncture a lung. Medical attention is important following any accident, especially if you suspect hidden injuries such as a rib injury.