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Looking for a job after your arrest for drug crimes

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2022 | Drug Crimes

Finding a job after a criminal conviction can have its challenges, especially if you make a wrong move. However, knowing how to talk about your past can help you avoid missteps that could unnecessarily incriminate you.

Securing employment is an excellent way to turn your life around and lower the risks of recidivism. Your diligence despite the inevitable hurdles of dealing with a criminal record can help you achieve success.

Start simple

Your dream job is not an ideal place to start after a conviction for drug crimes. Keep your sights on simple jobs such as customer support, janitorial work or food service. You can still make a great difference in these roles and take advantage of opportunities that enable you to build your skill set.

Be proactive

When you make it to an interview, take a proactive approach to disclose your past. You do not have to share all the details. However, being the first person to bring up your record can show that you have nothing to hide. Strategically talk about your experience from an angle that shows the lessons you learned, as well as highlights your potential.

Know your rights

Despite your circumstances, you also have rights. According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, employers should use discretion when determining whether your criminal record has any relevance to the job you apply for. They cannot discriminate against you for unfounded or unfair reasons.

You can also investigate community resources to help you find jobs, prepare for interviews and finetune your resume. With the right help, you can secure a job that will aid you in moving on with your life.