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When is it legal to grow marijuana in Florida?

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2022 | Blog, Marijuana Crimes

Marijuana is a controversial drug. It remains illegal at the federal level, but states have begun to decriminalize it.

In Florida, medical marijuana is legal, but it still has many restrictions surrounding it. If you wish to get into this industry and grow the product, then there are important guidelines you must know.

Still illegal

One thing you must understand is that marijuana, in general, is still illegal in the state. You cannot openly possess or use it. These restrictions even apply to those who have the approval to use the drug for medicinal purposes. You do not get a blank check to do as you wish if you carry a medical marijuana card. You still must follow all the laws associated with the industry.


If you hold a medical marijuana card, you must purchase your supply from a provider. You cannot grow your own plants. To grow the crop, you must hold a medical marijuana grower’s license. Getting one requires an application process that is rather complex. You must pass all types of checks and maintain your facilities to specifications under the law.

If you try to grow your own cannabis to use for medicinal purposes, you are breaking the law. You could face felony charges and prison time if caught. In addition, you must operate under Florida law to have protection from potential federal charges since the substance is still illegal at that level.

It is essential to understand that only approved and licensed facilities can grow the drug. But even then, there are strict regulations for cultivation.