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Acclimating to life after your traumatic brain injury

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2022 | Personal Injury

A traumatic brain injury can take months or years to recover from. In cases of a severe injury, you might never fully recover and will need to adjust to living with a permanent brain injury.

Acclimating to the changes that follow a TBI requires support and persistence. Your decision to set goals, adapt and not allow your condition to define your future can help you keep control of your life.


One of the biggest differentiators in the scope of your recovery is activity. Movement and exercise will impact your body’s ability to adapt.

Follow the advice of your medical team as you learn about which activities you can participate in. Doing too much and too quickly can jeopardize your recovery. However, movements that gradually increase in frequency and intensity can encourage your body to heal and acclimate to the changes you have experienced.


A strong support system is critical to your ability to recover. According to Everyday Health, after a TBI, your support team might involve a neurologist, a physical therapist and a speech pathologist. You will want the encouragement and emotional support of your family and friends. If you reach a point where you wish to return to work, an occupational therapist can help you fine-tune your resume and relearn or strengthen critical job skills.

Without adequate support, recovery at any level will take significantly longer. Rely on your support team, especially when you hit bumps in the road as you heal. A TBI can change the trajectory of your life, but you can mitigate its impact and come away stronger when you focus on recovery with the right mindset.