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Your commercial driving job and a DUI

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2022 | Dui Defense

A DUI can have unfortunate consequences for anyone, especially if you rely on driving for your job. Having a commercial driver’s license enables you to legally operate commercial vehicles. A DUI could immediately jeopardize your CDL.

Knowing the impact a DUI could have on your career can help you identify your next steps. Even if you lose your license, you may have options to rectify the situation.

The details

Operating any vehicle when you have consumed alcohol or other substances can have detrimental outcomes. According to The Florida Senate, even if you get a DUI while driving your personal vehicle, you will still lose your CDL privileges. This could bring your job to an abrupt halt and replace stability with uncertainty.

Subsequent DUI or a first-time offense that results in serious harm to another could result in a lifetime ban from operating a commercial vehicle. Telling your employer about the situation could lead to an uncomfortable conversation and could cost you a job.

The solutions

If you desire to get your suspended CDL back, you will need to follow the legal process to have it reinstated. You may have the chance to work something out with your employer to temporarily switch roles until you get your license back. If your actions result in an outcome that will prevent you from operating a commercial vehicle for some time, you might need to find a new job.

If you need to switch careers, consider making a list of transferrable skills. You do not have to disclose any DUIs on job applications. However, if it comes up in an interview, it is best to answer questions honestly. Once you provide a satisfactory answer, discuss what you have learned from the past and how your experiences make you a better person.

You can also collaborate with your legal team to identify ways to reduce the repercussions of your DUI. If the circumstances allow, you may one day reclaim your CDL and continue in the career you love.