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What are Florida’s rules about driving with or on marijuana?

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2022 | Marijuana Crimes

While some are hoping Florida might legalize recreational marijuana in the coming years, as of right now, the recreational use of marijuana remains illegal within state lines. Yet, the state does allow for the medical use of marijuana, and this creates some confusion when it comes to having marijuana in your vehicle or driving under the influence of it.

According to Click Orlando, marijuana is like alcohol in that using it before driving impacts your ability to do so.

Having medical marijuana in your car

If you have a Florida medical marijuana card, it is within your right to have medical marijuana in your vehicle. You have to have the marijuana card in the vehicle with you, though. Failing to produce it is a violation of state laws.

Having recreational marijuana in your car

Having any amount of recreational marijuana in your car in Florida has the potential to lead to drug charges. If the law enforcement officer who stops you suspects you might have marijuana, he or she may have probable cause to search your car. Smelling marijuana or spotting it in plain view are examples of what might give an officer probable cause to conduct a vehicle search.

Driving under the influence of marijuana

Driving under the influence of marijuana is illegal regardless of whether you hold a valid medical marijuana card. If charged and convicted of driving on marijuana, expect to face similar penalties to those you would face following a conviction for drunk driving.

Even a first offense for drugged driving in Florida carries substantial penalties, including fines, up to six months of jail time and license suspensions, among others.