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A minor crash, your injury claim and an insurance company view

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2022 | Blog, Personal Injury

You would like to believe that an insurance company will come through with a fair settlement for your injury claim.

However, following a minor car crash, you may need backup to support your claim if you hope to receive maximum compensation.

Seeking medical attention

According to the National Highway Transportation Administration (NHTSA), rear-end collisions are responsible for about 29% of all motor vehicle crashes that result in serious injuries or death. As the victim of a rear-end collision, you may feel OK afterward because the human body releases adrenalin, which is capable of masking pain temporarily. However, it is wise to seek medical attention since you could have underlying injuries. For example, if the impact causes you to hit your head, you could have a concussion or even a traumatic brain injury. Keep in mind that the symptoms may not appear for hours if not days after the crash.

Documenting injuries

Your doctor will write a report with the diagnosis and treatment recommendations. The medical report will also tie any injury you have directly to the car crash. This is important information to submit to the insurance company. In the interest of protecting its bottom line, an insurer may try to interest you in a lowball settlement. However, along with a copy of the police report, the medical report provides essential backup to accompany and support your claim for fair compensation.

Requesting help

Once you have your documents together, you can rely on legal guidance to file your claim. If another driver was responsible for your injury, you have a right to expect maximum insurance compensation. This should be sufficient to cover your current and anticipated future medical expenses, loss of earning power and more.