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Tips for avoiding a collision with a wrong-way driver

On Behalf of | May 13, 2022 | Personal Injury

Because both vehicles are moving towards each other, often at a high rate of speed, head-on collisions are particularly dangerous. Drivers who enter a highway or interstate going the wrong direction create the risk of a head-on collision.

If you encounter a wrong-way driver, these tips can help you avoid a potentially serious accident.

Tips for avoiding a wrong-way driver

If you spot a wrong-way driver traveling toward you, swerve to the right onto the shoulder. Avoid swerving into oncoming traffic. Even if you avoid the car driving the wrong way, you could cause an accident with another vehicle.

Most wrong-way crashes happen in the left lane. Drive in the right lane unless you are actively passing someone or avoiding an obstruction in the road.

The majority of wrong-way accidents happen at night and involve drunk drivers. Drive cautiously at night.

When you can safely stop your vehicle, call 911 to report the wrong-way driver to the police.

Why wrong-way accidents are dangerous

Wrong-way accidents often cause serious injuries or deaths because of the force of the impact generated by two cars colliding head-on. Additionally, drivers may only have a few seconds to attempt to avoid a collision because of the high rate of speed. People in a head-on accident often suffer injuries such as broken bones, scarring, burns and head injuries.

Because of the potential for life-threatening injuries, it is important to know what to do if you encounter a wrong-way driver. Always be alert and practice safe driving practices when traveling on highways and interstates.