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Are you eligible for drug court in Lee County?

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2022 | Criminal Defense Process, Drug Crimes

As a resident of Lee County, Florida and someone who is facing a criminal charge, you may have valid concerns about having to serve time behind bars if you receive a conviction for the drug offense you face. Yet, in some cases, you may be able to enroll in the Lee County Felony Drug Court Program. If you enroll in and complete the program successfully, your criminal charge may undergo dismissal.

Per the Lee County Felony Drug Court Program, you may be able to enroll in drug court if you meet the following eligibility requirements.

Determining drug court eligibility

You may be eligible to enroll in drug court in Lee County if you are a county resident facing a felony drug charge. Furthermore, you must admit that you have a substance abuse dependency, exhibit a desire to overcome it and have the ability to work or attend school at the same time you attend drug court. Additionally, you must undergo a clinical screening and have the Drug Court Team approve your participation in the program.

Attending drug court

If granted entry into drug court, plan on making regular court appearances and attending substance abuse treatment classes throughout its duration. Plan, too, on submitting to drug tests and upholding any other compliance requirements the program may ask of you.

While drug courts hold you accountable for drug offenses, they also have the potential to help you make positive, lasting changes in your life. The coping skills and support services you receive while in drug court may help you avoid reentering Florida’s criminal justice system in the future.