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Marijuana represents a large percentage of possession charges

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2021 | Blog, Marijuana Crimes

Police make drug arrests in Florida on a routine basis. The sale and distribution of illegal drugs continue to tax law enforcement resources, but putting effort into stopping dangerous drugs like heroin and cocaine could keep the Sunshine State safer. Not all U.S. drug arrests deal with “hard drugs” or the movement of thousands of pounds of contraband. Many people continue to face arrests for marijuana possession, and such arrests occur in significant numbers across the United States.

Marijuana possession reflects a significant number of drug arrests

Pew Research reveals that well over 600,000 marijuana-related arrests occurred in the United States in 2018. The number reflected 40% of all drug arrests that year, and possession was the most common reason for such arrests.

And be aware, recreational and medicinal marijuana use is legal in many states. In Florida, marijuana use and possession are legal for medicinal purposes, provided the person has a “physician certification” and purchased the cannabis from a legitimate dispensary.

While a medical marijuana patient may legally possess the drug in public, using marijuana in public is not legal in Florida. Recreational use is not legal under any circumstances, although there is a movement to make recreational use legal in the future.

Addressing possession charges in Florida

With the mixed medicinal/recreational rules about marijuana, someone with a legitimate physician certification could face possession charges. Straightening the situation out in court may prove unavoidable.

Others may face charges of marijuana crimes for public use when they did not consume the drug in public. A defense may raise more than reasonable doubts about such charges.

Illegal searches and seizures could make evidence inadmissible. The same could be the case when the police arrest someone while lacking probable cause. Without eligible evidence, proving a possession case may be impossible.