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Florida legislators renew fight to establish THC limits

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2021 | Blog, Drug Crimes, Marijuana Crimes

Florida residents voted in favor of the state’s Medical Marijuana Legislation Initiative in 2016. The initiative allows for medical use of marijuana when the use of the drug will provide a patient with more benefits than potential risks. The state extended usage to include smokable versions of the plant in 2019.

It did not take long for this treatment option to become popular in the Florida medical community. Some lawmakers argue that the number of patients using medical marijuana grew so fast that it became difficult to maintain regulatory standards. One issue for debate is the amount of THC allowable in medical cannabis products.

The conflict over THC

One biopsychology professor working at Harvard University has spoken publicly regarding the potential dangers high-potency marijuana products may present to users. Many house members in the state agree with the professor and presently seek to reduce the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol allowable in cannabis products. This component is responsible for the psychoactive effects that can accompany cannabis use.

The House Speaker is one of the lawmakers that support THC caps. The speaker asserts that lawmakers have not considered the science in the past when deciding between marijuana crimes and acceptable medical cannabis use.

The Senate has opposed House efforts to establish THC caps over the last two years. But House members are doubling down on their fight now that new leadership is in the Senate. Supporters of THC caps are now targeting limits for smokable cannabis and plan to push for new legislation at an upcoming session. Opponents to the THC cap say that supporters present no evidence regarding THC dangers that would justify new legislation.

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