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Florida medical marijuana users should know these rules

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2021 | Marijuana Crimes

Many Florida residents are aware that they may be able to be prescribed medical marijuana for certain illnesses and ailments. Medical marijuana has long been prescribed for all types of illnesses and conditions, including pain management, mental health issues like schizophrenia and PTSD, nausea, Alzheimer’s disease, and anorexia. While Florida does allow people to be prescribed medical marijuana, recreational marijuana is still illegal in the state.

If you’re taking medical marijuana in the state of Florida, there are certain things that you should know so that you remain on the right side of the law.

What are some things that medical marijuana users in the state of Florida should know?

People who are prescribed medical marijuana in Florida must be listed in the state’s Medical Marijuana Use Registry. The key thing that people prescribed medical marijuana in the state should know is that recreational marijuana is still illegal in the state. If they are prescribed marijuana flower or buds, they are not allowed to use it unless it’s contained within a tamper-proof container bought from a medical marijuana dispensary. All medical marijuana must be purchased from a medical dispensary in Florida.

Even if two people are both listed in the state’s medical marijuana registry, they may not share marijuana with each other. The prescribed patient may also not share that marijuana with anyone not listed in the registry. You may not use your prescribed medical marijuana at work unless it is okay with your employer. You may also not operate a car, boat, or any other vehicle while taking a high-THC medication like medical marijuana. If you do any of the above, you could be charged with drug crimes.

What can people do if they’ve been accused of a crime related to drug use?

People who’ve been accused of crimes relating to drug use may benefit by working with attorneys who have experience dealing with these kinds of defenses. These lawyers may be able to provide the information that they need to help them achieve the best outcome.