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Couple accused of marijuana crimes related to drug trafficking

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2020 | Drug Crimes

The debate as to whether marijuana should be legalized in Florida is ongoing. Each side has its own argument as to why it should or should not be made legal. Until this polarizing issue is settled, people who are in possession of it or are found to be engaging in activities related to its sale whether that is at a low level or is part of a drug trafficking operation are vulnerable to being arrested and charged. The penalties accompanying a conviction could lead to major challenges in a person’s life and it is important to cobble together as strong a defense as possible.

Allegations of marijuana trafficking leads to arrests

A law enforcement investigation into an alleged “grow house” for marijuana resulted in a man and woman being arrested for drug trafficking. Law enforcement had a search warrant for the residence. It was executed in the mid-afternoon. The people at the home were said to have had an ongoing operation in which they grew and trafficked in marijuana. Among the evidence that officers found were plants at various levels of growth. The two people were accused a felony charge of trafficking between 25 and 2,000 pounds of marijuana. A conviction can spark three-years in prison and a fine of $25,000.

 Felony drug charges can be severe

Whether the allegations are related to marijuana or another scheduled narcotic, it is imperative to understand how seriously state prosecutors take these charges. People who are convicted of felony charges for drugs may face hefty fines and an extended jail sentence. In addition, there can be other problems even after serving the debt to society as a prison record can hinder efforts to get certain jobs and negatively impact other endeavors. Fortunately, people who have been arrested have rights and there are various avenues of defense that can be effective.

A comprehensive defense is essential after a marijuana arrest

Although drug trafficking charges can warrant a series of harsh consequences, it is wise to consider the circumstances of the arrest and move forward accordingly. Perhaps the evidence is questionable or the search was unjustified. Those accused of the crimes might even have a viable chance for an acquittal. Before saying or doing anything that could make the situation more complicated, a law firm experienced in marijuana crimes may be able to help with crafting a defense.