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Interstate 75 accident leaves child dead

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2020 | Personal Injury

A recent accident on Interstate 75 in Centeral Floridaleft a 10-year-old child dead and the child’s mother seriously injured.

Authorities said the accident happened in the evening because of a traffic backup. A man had slowed down because of an upcoming traffic jam.

However, the vehicle behind the man’s car apparently did not slow down in time to avoid a collision and slammed into the man’s car.

While the person who rear-ended the man avoided injury, the man was thrown from his vehicle after the crash pushed the vehicle into a median, causing it to flip.

He suffered minor injuries, but both the 10-year-old child in the car and her mother did not. The child died at the scene of the accident and the mother suffered what the authorities called serious injuries.

Motorists must watch out for slowdowns on the major highways

The urban areas in and around Fort Meyers are of course the home to many major highways, including Interstate 75. It  may be tempting to drive quickly on the freeway, and it also easy to do so while distracted or simply just focused on other things besides driving.

However, motorists need to remember that traffic jams and slowdowns can happen at any time on a major road, oftentimes without any obvious cause. Slowdowns can also happen anywhere on a highway, including on stretches of road that are not prone to traffic backups.

When drivers are not paying attention or just speeding, there is always a chance that they will slam into vehicles in front of them which are forced to stop. As this tragic case illustrates, this sort of carelessness can lead to devastating losses.