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The secret-side of insurance adjusters

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2020 | Personal Injury

Have you ever heard the phrase “insurance adjusters are not what they seem to be?” Neither have I. But the statement rings true. Considering the price of your car insurance policy with personal injury protection, you would think the insurer’s representative would work toward your best interests, but that’s demonstrably false. 

The adjuster may not be working against you, but they definitely aren’t working for you. Insurance adjusters will always try to get the best deal the can for the insurance company. The most important point to understand when speaking to an insurance adjuster is not to accept the initial offer. A quick offer may seem intriguing because you have medical bills to pay and lost wages to replenish, but don’t fall for the donut on the string. A quick payout is just that; quick and lowballed. You deserve more money and better service.

Insurance companies like to use the term “fair” when describing their settlement amount, and they’re right. The settlement is fair for the insurance company, not the injured party. In the views of the insurance company and their adjuster, covering the total costs, you’ve incurred from medical bills and lost wages are not their problem. They want to pay you the lowest possible amount.

Don’t wait for the initial offer

Enter the services of a personal injury attorney. An attorney is a valuable resource for a car accident victim. While you have every right to wait for an offer or even represent yourself, the adjuster will try to dissuade you from seeking representation because settlements are cheaper for the insurance company when an attorney doesn’t get involved. Personal injury attorneys know the tricks of their trade and those of the insurance adjusters.

They know that the insurance adjuster will want a statement from you regarding the details of the accident and your injury. Any little comment that may seem different from the actual events, even if you are misremembering, could cost you, literally. Having an attorney by your side helps balance the power struggle, as they can help you craft your story, represent you when needed, and disclose all of the benefits you should receive because the adjuster won’t.

Just remember that insurance adjusters don’t work for you, but a passionate personal injury attorney will.