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Why you should keep your calm after a car accident

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2020 | Personal Injury

A car accident can be both a traumatic and painful experience. But if you ever find yourself pulling over on the side of the road wishing that you can turn back time, it’s important to collect yourself and  understand you can try and process the situation once you are in the safety of your own home.

When you are experiencing any range of emotions it can be difficult to be fully present. However, you’ll be thankful later if you keep calm and collect as much evidence as you can before leaving the accident site.

Can’t reverse the damage

One of the first reminders you should tell yourself if you’re involved in any personal injury incident is that the damage has already taken place. Sure, you’ll have to deal with a broken vehicle and maybe even broken bones — neither of which will be easy by any means. But you can find comfort in knowing that Florida runs on a no-fault insurance system. This means your insurance will help you pay for medical expenses, even if you caused the accident. And, if you weren’t at fault, you’ll likely be eligible to receive damages to fix your car from the other driver’s insurance.  

Can’t collect evidence

Before leaving the scene, it’s essential to speak with the other driver and collect any evidence of the accident as you can. Exchanging contact and insurance information will help you prepare to file for compensation in the future. You can also take pictures of the location and damage and speak to witnesses, which can help with the claims process too.

You’ll also want to be sure to comply with state law and call the police if the accident resulted in injury, death or property damage that would cost more than $500 to fix. Plus, the police report will also add to any proof insurance companies might need of the event.

Even if you keep your calm after a car crash, it can be difficult fulfilling the settlement process. But having a legal expert or personal injury attorney in your corner can help you take the proper steps to bounce back.