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How to negotiate a car accident settlement

On Behalf of | May 18, 2020 | Personal Injury

Those who have been injured in car accidents on Florida roads may be entitled to compensation for special and general damages. Special damages might include medical bills, lost wages and lost future earnings while general damages might include pain and suffering and mental distress. As a general rule, those who experience minor injuries may be able to negotiate a settlement without hiring an attorney. However, victims who have experienced significant injuries are encouraged to hire a legal representative.

Individuals who attempt to negotiate a settlement on their own are encouraged to remember that the insurance adjuster is not their friend or ally. In many cases, they will try to engage accident victims in friendly banter as a means of getting information that can be used against them. However, it is important for accident victims to be as detailed as possible as it relates to how the event changed their lives.

For instance, they might want to tell the adjuster that the crash has made it too painful to play golf or be intimate with a partner. An injury diary may be used as evidence that pain and other health issues can be directly attributed to another person’s negligence. The police report generated after the accident may also help to show that a collision caused by another driver resulted in minor or significant injuries.

Drivers, passengers or pedestrians who are injured in auto accidents may receive compensation either through a settlement or a jury award. An attorney may be willing to negotiate with an insurance company or other parties on the injured victim’s behalf. This may increase the likelihood that a person will obtain a favorable settlement. An attorney may also ensure that a lawsuit is filed before the state’s car accident lawsuit statute of limitations expires.