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Effects of cultivating cannabis

On Behalf of | May 19, 2020 | Criminal Defense Process, Drug Crimes, Marijuana Crimes

The legalization of drugs has become a rather hot topic. Many people hold different stances and the controversy is still open for debate. Many have continued to argue that possessing and using marijuana should at least be legalized and, though it has happened in some states across the country, Florida still has still refused to do so. It is important to know what law regulates the growth of marijuana and how one could get caught by the police.

What laws exist?

Florida follows a series of laws that regulate the use and distribution of cannabis. One of this is the Florida Statutes 893.13 – Prohibited acts; penalties, which states that no one should be possess, sell, deliver, or produce marijuana, not should they have any controlled substance to use with that intent.

If anyone is caught with cannabis, then the person could be charged with either a felony or a misdemeanor, according to the level of harm. A fine might also be issued.

Tactics used by the police

The police have spent countless resources focusing on catching people who cultivate illegal substances, such as cannabis. Sometimes, the police will receive confidential information from a source who knows of someone who grows marijuana. Some of these informants can be family members, friends, neighbors or even clients of the suspect. One of the many other tactics that the have are wire-tapping phone lines, going through financial records of the suspect, stake-outs or even using undercover cops to get a hold of the suspect.

If police officers have enough evidence and probable cause to arrest someone, they will issue a warranty with a judge for them to do so.