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Many Florida workers confront a prescription drug addiction

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2020 | Drug Crimes

Your job has been your financial lifeline. But because it involves a great amount of physical labor, it has taken a toll on your body. Strains and injuries to your back, shoulders and knees have left you with lingering pain. And one of the only ways to manage that pain is through prescription drugs such as opioids.

Filled with industries such as health care, retail, hospitality and construction, the Fort Meyers area has a number of workers who toil in these areas, sometimes sacrificing their bodies. Prescription painkillers may help them get through, but also can lead to addiction. And addiction can lead to questionable decisions and criminal charges.

Serious criminal consequences surface

Desperation can lead to people doing drastic things. A prescription drug addict may do whatever it takes to get those painkillers that will allow him or her to function at work. They may forge prescriptions; steal drugs from others; illegally purchase them from questionable sources or the internet; and even resort to burglary to get the money they need to purchase more.

Criminal offenses related to prescription drugs can lead to serious consequences such as incarceration, probation and steep fines. If you find yourself struggling with a prescription drug problem that has led to legal problems, it is crucial to take some significant steps that may include:

  • Talking with your physician, informing him or her that you may have a prescription drug addiction.
  • Enrolling in a rehabilitation and counseling program. This can help you overcome an addiction
  • Seeking counseling and therapy as prescription drug abuse may only be a symptom of the real problem.
  • Retaining a compassionate and experienced criminal defense attorney.

Florida is a state where a number of people struggle with a prescription drug problem. You should not face this burden alone personally, emotionally and physically. And you especially should not face it alone if you have been arrested. Besides providing you representation in court, an experienced criminal defense attorney is familiar with the resources you need to get the help you require.