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Sharing the road with trucks can be a one-way street to danger

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2020 | Firm News

Thousands die in large truck crashes every year, and it’s usually not the long-haul operators that are in trouble. When you’re in a car, there’s an overwhelmingly increased risk of shouldering the brunt of the damage in a trucking accident.

Even as fatalities in daily drivers has seen a steep decline in recent years, thousands more pay the price when colliding with a truck. The size and weight of those large trucks is unforgiving, and it becomes downright deadly when they fail to follow the rules.

Crossing the line

There is a wide range of circumstances that could point the arrow toward those associated with the truck:

  • Drivers: Impaired operators are a serious concern when it comes to road safety. It takes a sharp mind to handle such an enormous vehicle, and any delay in reaction time can be deadly. Drivers that are under the influence, overly fatigued or ill could be putting other drivers in danger.
  • Scheduling: Trucks need to conform to strict driving windows. Companies need to take into account continuous hours of operation, time between jobs and even the average speed needed to get between points.
  • Equipment: Safety standards also apply to the machines themselves. There are a lot of parts that go into making a truck acceptable for travel, and any one of them falling short can be a violation. From the brakes and coupling device to the horn and windshield wipers, everything needs to be in working order.

The increased dangers have led to high federal expectations for safety. When trucking companies and their operators don’t make the grade, they’re putting you and your loved ones at risk. Understanding where they came up short can be essential in bringing a claim against them.