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Police chase near Fort Myers leads to arrest

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2019 | Criminal Defense Process

High-speed vehicle chases that involve police officers and criminal suspects present a danger to many people on the roads. Public safety needs to be weighed when police officers engage in these chases. In one case, it appears that law enforcement officials believed that the need to apprehend a criminal suspect outweighed any potential danger to the public.

According to reports, a high-speed chase took place earlier in April. The chase began in Collier County when law enforcement officials received reports about a stolen vehicle. Police officers reportedly observed the vehicle in question, which was then driven on I-75 to Lee County. With a police vehicle behind it with sirens and lights on, the suspected stolen vehicle was driven at speeds that allegedly approached 125 miles per hour.

In fact, police officers on the ground lost visual of the suspected stolen vehicle for a time, but an air unit continued to attempt to track the vehicle. The Fort Myers Police Department was involved in the attempts to locate the vehicle and suspect. The suspect was eventually apprehended and is now facing multiple charges in both Collier County and Lee County, including charges of running from the police.

When this suspect begins to put together his criminal defense strategy, he will need to analyze how best to approach these charges. Does he fight the case all the way to a jury trial? Request a bench trial? Or possibly engage in plea negotiations? Each case is unique, and each will have its own strategy to pursue.