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Fight for the recovery you deserve after an accident

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It takes just a second for a car accident to change a person’s life. One moment you may be driving home from work or heading to the grocery store to pick up dinner, and the next you may find yourself with serious physical injuries and a damaged car. It’s hard to know what to do first as you try to pick up the pieces, recover and move forward from this tragic event.

If your accident was the result of the negligent actions of another driver, you could have grounds to move forward with a civil claim. However, the first step of this process is to determine how much your case is worth and what you need for recovery now and well into the future. There are many factors to consider when seeking damages after a serious car collision.

What should you seek?

It is not always immediately apparent what type of damages may be available to a car accident victim. Your medical bills are likely your most pressing concern, but it is beneficial to consider your needs both now and well into the future. It may be appropriate for you to seek compensation for the following through your personal injury claim:

  • Pain and suffering – This includes your emotional duress, loss of ability, mental anguish and loss of enjoyment of life.
  • Medical bills – This includes your medical bills, physical therapy, medical equipment, rehabilitation, in-home health care, disability and other medical expenses.
  • Loss of companionship – You can seek damages for permanent losses you experienced as a result of your accident injuries, including loss of companionship and loss of affection.
  • Lost wages – You may be able to pursue compensation for the money you lost as a result of days missed from work during your time of recovery. You can also seek damages for diminished capacity if you will not be able to work as before.

The appropriate amount and type of damages you may be able to seek depend on the unique circumstances of your individual situation. If offered a settlement agreement, it is beneficial to seek a legal opinion regarding whether it truly reflects what your case is worth and your current and future accident expenses.

Getting better and looking ahead

Your life may be different now that you experienced serious injuries, but with help, you can fight to get better and move forward, physically and financially. You do not have to fight alone, but you will find significant benefit in working with a lawyer experienced in personal injury law and dealing with insurance companies.