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Surveillance video crucial in determining cause of Florida wreck

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2019 | Personal Injury

In many car accidents that occur in Florida and throughout the country, it can sometimes take quite awhile for a subsequent investigation to determine exactly who was at fault for the collision. Police investigators may be able to glean many of the facts from the parties involved in the car accident, but they will also likely need to attempt to find other witnesses who may have observed the collision from a third-party standpoint. If investigators are lucky, there will be surveillance video, which can be extremely useful.

That appears to be the case from a collision in Florida that occurred back in October of last year. The collision in question involved two vehicles: an Infiniti SUV and a Tesla. When the two vehicles collided in the early morning hours of October 21 of last year, three people in the SUV suffered serious injuries. On January 25, the driver of the Tesla turned himself in to law enforcement officials after a surveillance video helped the police determine that the Tesla driver had run a red light while traveling at well over 120 miles per hour, slamming into the SUV and nearly cleaving that vehicle in two.

Now, the driver of the Tesla is facing some serious criminal charges. From the reports, it appears that the three injured victims from the collision suffered serious injuries in the crash. One of the victims reportedly multiple fractures to his back and ribs, along with internal injuries, while a second victim reportedly suffered a traumatic brain injury and a broken arm. A third victim suffered numerous broken bones, along with a partially collapsed lung and cuts and bruises

Anyone who is injured in a car accident in Florida would be very lucky if there is surveillance video of the crash to help them with their case. However, they are likely unlucky to be suffering from injuries that may be life-changing. Such victims may have personal injury options.