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Teenagers arrested for alleged vehicle burglaries

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2018 | Criminal Defense Process

A criminal charge can have an immense effect on a person’s life. For teenagers, such a situation can be even more pronounced, as even though their entire lives are in front of them, a conviction can set them back from the get-go. This is why it is so important for anyone facing criminal charges to be sure to carefully plan a defense strategy.

That will need to be the plan for three teenagers who were recently arrested in Florida, and who are now facing felony charges. According to a recent article, over the course of the week of Thanksgiving, law enforcement officials received reports of vehicle burglaries that occurred over the course of one afternoon and into the next morning. It appears that surveillance video was the key evidence for police officers to determine the identify of two of the suspects, one who is 18-years-old and a second who is 17-years-old. Both are now facing significant charges.

The third teenager was reportedly observed by a witness as the suspect was actively inside other people’s vehicles going through the items inside. This third teenager, age 19, was subsequently found nearby. Law enforcement officials reportedly determined that this third suspect allegedly burglarized four vehicles, as they found items from each vehicle in the suspect’s possession.

All three of these teenage suspects are facing an important time in their lives. Without the right criminal defense strategy and game plan, they may be facing incarceration and the prospect that their lives will never be the same.