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Did you experience a violation of your rights at a DUI stop?

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A drunk driving charge in Florida can bring various consequences that can negatively impact your life. From time behind bars to expensive fines, the penalties are significant. It is prudent, no matter your criminal history, to present a strong defense against DUI charges of any kind.

One of the aspects of a strong defense is to understand if you experienced a violation of your personal rights during your traffic stop. If the police did not follow procedure or there were other issues with the treatment you received, it could undermine the case against you. It is beneficial to learn more about reasonable suspicion and appropriate grounds for a traffic stop.

What you should know about DUI traffic stops

Law enforcement cannot pull over whomever they want. There must be specific and clear reasons to do so, and once a they pull a driver over, there are certain protocols to follow regarding the treatment of suspected drunk drivers. Reasonable suspicion for a DUI traffic stop includes the following: 

  • Swerving in the lane
  • Driving through an intersection
  • Braking suddenly for no reason
  • Speeding
  • Reckless behavior
  • Any type of erratic driving

These behaviors, and others, could indicate a driver is under the influence of alcohol, and therefore, it is reasonable to pull a driver over. During the traffic stop, law enforcement can ask the driver to perform certain tests to determine sobriety. If there is reason to do so, the law enforcement officer can require the driver to submit to a chemical test of his or her blood.

If a person does not cooperate with the police’s request to submit to a chemical test, he or she could lose driving privileges and face other consequences. However, if there was a violation of your constitutional and personal rights at any point in your interaction with law enforcement, you may be able to have your case dismissed altogether.

Defending your future interests

There is a lot at stake for people facing DUI charges in Florida. Presenting a strong defense is a way you can protect your future and preserve your interests. You have the right to challenge any evidence against you and present evidence for your defense.

It may be beneficial to take immediate action to seek help after an arrest. A complete evaluation of your case from an experienced DUI attorney can help you understand the specific defense options available to you.