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Get convicted of drug possession, lose your license

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2018 | Drug Crimes

A drug possession conviction can cost a person many things here in Florida. This includes, for a time, their driver’s license.

This is due to a provision of state law. Under this provision, convictions of adults for certain drug crimes (including controlled substance possession) trigger a requirement for the court to direct the state’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to revoke a person’s license.

How long is this revocation? It generally is to go for one year. This can, however, be shortened if an individual goes through a qualifying drug treatment program. Also, getting limited driving privileges can be a possibility. For example, six months into the revocation, a person can request to be allowed a restricted license. If granted, this would allow him or her driving privileges for travel related to certain narrow and defined purposes for the remainder of the revocation period. This could include travel related to work.

Loss of a license may not be among the first consequences that come to the public mind when it comes to drug possession, but it certainly can be an impactful one. It can affect all sorts aspects of a person’s life, from their job to their relationships.

This underscores how wide-reaching the ramifications of a drug possession conviction can be here in Florida. So, when a person is accused of possessing drugs, even in very small amounts, a lot can be up in the air when it comes to his or her future. So, what a person does, and what help they reach out for, after such accusations are leveled matters greatly.