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Jury finds Ft. Myers man found not guilty of murder

In what was called a retaliation shooting in a Fort Myers community on July 4, 2017, one man was left dead, and another critically injured. The 3000 block of Thomas Street, in the Dunbar neighborhood, was shot up. Police claimed to have found a 35-year-old man by the name of Taheed Stoner with gun in hand, shooting at a home.

Misdemeanor offenses should not be taken lightly

Many people in Fort Meyers may know almost intuitively that if they are charged with a felony offense, they really should seek the advice of an experienced criminal defense attorney. After all, the possibility of going to jail is a scary prospect. Moreover, a felony record can make it nearly impossible to find a job, and, in some cases, may even leave a person without the ability to work in their chosen profession.

How plea negotiations factor into the criminal defense process

From television and movies, many people in America might think that every criminal case is destined to end up in front of a jury, with both sides making impassioned pleas about the guilt or innocence of the accused. But, the reality is that there are simply far too many criminal cases to be processed for that type of approach to be feasible. As a result, the actual reality is that most criminal cases in Florida and throughout the country end via plea negotiations, in which the defendant pleads guilty to the crimes charged in exchange for a lesser sentence, or to lesser charges which come with a less severe sentence.

Police chase near Fort Myers leads to arrest

High-speed vehicle chases that involve police officers and criminal suspects present a danger to many people on the roads. Public safety needs to be weighed when police officers engage in these chases. In one case, it appears that law enforcement officials believed that the need to apprehend a criminal suspect outweighed any potential danger to the public.

What evidence can come up in the criminal defense process?

Each year thousands of Florida residents are charged with crimes, from misdemeanors to felonies. Contrary to what media coverage these days would have most people believe, an arrest is not the same as a conviction. Every defendant is supposed to have the benefit of the doubt, commonly known as being held as "innocent until proven guilty." In order for law enforcement officials and prosecutors to prove that a criminal suspect is guilty, they will need to collect and present evidence.

Legal options when facing criminal charges in Florida

The aftermath of an arrest on criminal charges can be a confusing time for a Florida resident. Determining whether the charges are misdemeanors or felonies is important, as is determining what evidence law enforcement officials and prosecutors will attempt to use to prove the case. For arrestees in Florida, knowing the available legal options is crucial.

Overview of a criminal trial

Every year thousands of Florida residents go through the criminal justice system. Some face misdemeanor charges, while others face more serious felony charges. However, regardless of the severity of the charge in any given case, every person who is charged with a criminal offense has rights to protect. One of those rights is the right to a trial in front of one's peers.

Teenagers arrested for alleged vehicle burglaries

A criminal charge can have an immense effect on a person's life. For teenagers, such a situation can be even more pronounced, as even though their entire lives are in front of them, a conviction can set them back from the get-go. This is why it is so important for anyone facing criminal charges to be sure to carefully plan a defense strategy.

What are your options in the criminal defense process?

Florida is one of the most populous states in America, which means that each year thousands of people go through the state's criminal justice system. Some people are quick to equate an arrest to a conviction, but it is important to remember that all criminal defendants have the right to present a defense, including in front of a jury of their peers if they so wish. If one has been arrested and finds themselves in this position, what are the options in the criminal defense process?

High schooler arrested for bringing a weapon to school

Our readers in Florida know that this is a very tense time in our country when it comes to guns and weapons, particularly in regards to people who possess these items on or near school grounds. But, there is a balance that must be determined, between the right of individuals to protect themselves and the rights of others to be free from the threat these weapons can present when they are in the wrong hands. It appears that both sides of the issue were at play in a recent incident in Fort Myers, but the ultimate result was that a 16-year-old girl was arrested.


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